What a wild ride-from trunk slammer, to garage apartment, to one administrative assistant, to rental office, to buying a building with more space, to current facilities.
From selling High Mileage Used Car VSC’s as a stand-alone product, to being a Field Rep for a Dealer Owned F&I Income Development company, to help found and become President of a Dealer Owned F&I Income Development Company, to founding a General Agency out of the trunk of my car, growing enough to have an office and Administrative Assistant out of my Garage Apartment, then renting office space, purchasing office space, expanding to our current location, it’s been quite a journey.

In addition to being involved with all Income Development opportunities mostly sold thru training and service in the F&I office, we have also been involved throughout the years with the multitude of Customer Retention options that have evolved.

Most of these short term options are cost centers and easily abandoned by prudent dealers during predictable cost cutting cycles.

In 2005 we ventured into the PPM arena, because one of our Dealers asked us to build a model. It was just another model and another ancillary product sold in F&I with mixed results. Overtime, I realized that PPM is the most misunderstood business model that has been in existence during my long and rewarding business career. I also realized that if we focus intently on this business model alone, we can turn PPM into the greatest Customer Retention opportunity the industry has ever known, and we can do it in a profitable or cost neutral manner.
We tried to recruit the greatest General Agents in the industry to represent our product, but over time we realized that we don’t need all the Agents or all the Dealerships in the world to achieve our goals. In fact, we need fewer (but more focused agents) and fewer (but more focused) Dealerships in order to turn this opportunity into something the industry has not yet experienced.

When Dealership commitment intersects with training, service, and state of the art technology, big things happen to profitability and Customer Retention.

Our focus now is on squeezing more traffic from the sales already generated by a Dealer’s advertising efforts. Having realistic and measurable plans in place for all deliveries, designed to funnel customers back for basic maintenance at the selling dealership, thereby creating an 83% likelihood of establishing a long term repeat or referral customer. Also, giving the customer an opportunity to stay connected long term with a communication device they prefer to utilize is a key priority to creating income opportunities that have not yet been invented.
Make no mistake, this is a simple opportunity with more moving parts than most organizations or administrators are willing to tackle. It’s now our only priority, and we intend to take this to unprecedented levels.

I entered the business shortly after the F&I Process became the reality that continues today. Many people and organizations, including myself, have prospered because of the Income Development skills they have brought with training, service, compliance, and ancillary product penetration.

I firmly believe that PPM, when properly implemented from the top down at Dealership, Agent, and Administrative levels, will bring about income development opportunities that have been unrealized since the earliest stages of the F&I Departments.

We are totally committed to blazing that path for our Dealer Partners. When you factor in Advertising Budget, customer connectivity, repeat sales, machine learning, CEP interaction to facilitate appointments, it’s not hard to make a case for Income Development for the Dealerships that have not been realized since the inception of the F&I Department.