It appears as if though the definition of what it means to be relevant to your clients in business changes every day. If you’re not paying close attention to the tumult, you’re not going to be in the game for too long.

The size of a company’s financial cushion to sustain itself through these changes will not prepare it for the harsh embrace with the inexorable shift in demographic utility and adoption of data driven tools. Most can barely see even a year down the road with the rapid pace of tech and automation.

My passion and goal is to not only keep up with this pace, but set the trends in our industry by leveraging it. I was fortunate to have come across good, salt of the earth people and a great team. Not having the right people around you is the first barrier to achieving any milestone or iterative success. You need to pay attention to the people around you that affect your ability to grow. Your team is as important as your client in keeping you in business and viable for the future. To hear that we have made a positive difference for our customers with what we do and how we do things differently from others, is our motivation to stay in this game. We are determined to stay on the leading edge of the customer retention industry for our partners.