Client Relations / Product Training

What is most important to me is when I know that my clients are happy and satisfied with what we do for them. I strive to ensure that everyone is treated with importance and respect whether it be an agent, dealer, F&I manager, or service adviser, a new customer that just started doing business with us or a dealership that has been on our program for years. If someone has a question or needs help I am always available to help. I make sure that all personnel are properly trained and that the expectations of the dealership are being met. If they aren’t, we work with the dealership on solutions to ensure those goals are met in the future. I like for my customers to know that they can lean on me when they have an issue and I will make sure it is taken care of in a timely manner as well as talk to me about their son’s soccer game or their daughter’s dance recital. I want my business relationships to turn into friendships.