Misunderstood Model

Pre-paid maintenance has been a very misunderstood business model. Performance has been all over the board mostly because of the underestimated number of moving parts required to build a truly relevant business model.

Its relatively easy to create a PPM business model that is another ancillary product sold in F&I . Its quite a different story utilizing PPM as a powerful customer retention program.
Some of the most successful operators I’ve known during my automotive career have been process oriented dealers that parlay repetitive processes into results oriented profitability.
My mission is to help our valued dealer and agent clients establish processes that will generate maximum traffic back to the dealership in a profitable manner.

When top down dealership commitment intersects with training, service and state of the art technology … big things happen to profitability and retention.

My focus is to identify new revenue streams for our dealers that can only happen when partnerships are formed and relationships are established.

This is an amazing opportunity to use technology and relationships in a manner which guarantees success.