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Adopting from Korea - Choosing the Korean Adoption Option

Korean adoption law has very specific procedures that must be followed in order to adopt a baby from their country. For example, you must work through adoption agencies licensed by the Korean government. There are also certain procedures you need to follow on the U.S. end in order to secure an immigrant visa for your new child.

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Choosing Korea so many international adoption programs to choose from, why Korea?  

First, today's South Korea (Republic of Korea) bears little resemblance to the Korea of the early 1950s as typified by M*A*S*H. Even with its up and down economy, South Korea is a modern, industrialized nation, on par with its American and European trading partners.

Korea Adoptions - Family & Children's Agency

The Korean adoption program dates back, however, to the early 1950s when US servicemen were fathering children with Korean women outside of marriage. Illegitimate, mixed race children, to use the old-fashioned terms, had little place in traditional patriarchal Korean society. These children were severely scorned and abused. Henry and Bertha Holt, founders of what is now known as , began their international adoption program in Korea with the adoption of eight Amerasian children.

Since that time, it's estimated that more than 150,000 children have been adopted from Korea to the US, Australia, Canada, and much of Europe.

Bear in mind, Korea, like many other countries, is highly ambivalent by its successful intercountry adoption program, and is increasingly stepping up efforts to encourage more domestic adoption. Through a series of yearly quotas, it is hoped that Korea will be able to reduce intercountry adoption entirely.