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Repetition makes reputation and reputation makes customers.


OUR STATE OF D3: We design, develop and deploy channels for meaningful engagement with your customers, to build a long term retention model with the possibility of multiple sales events. Our post-sales managed Ecosystem habituates and anchors your customers to your dealership.

Retention Programs

Something for everyone!

  • Pre-Paid Program
    Our T3: Traditional, Tried and Tested! Pre-Paid maintenance programs are high value, low cost proposition offerings for all your customers. You can rapidly build reserve with your dealer owned custom built program that keeps customers returning to your service drive for future services.

  • Subscription Program
    Build a customer base that wants to subscribe to your dealership maintenance membership program. Customers don't have to worry about paying out of pocket as long as they are part of a subscription for their specific vehicle.

  • Complimentary Programs
    You can't manage what you can't measure. Our platform and team can manage your complimentary oil change or warranty program efficiently. You will be able to see what kind of customer utility do you have for your complimentary customer retention program.


Simply a short story of us making this about our customers.



Services Redeemed



Dealership Reserves



Dealership Spoilage




Customer service = Growth

Customer retention has been our primary focus and brand. But retention is just a word. Unless the value prop stands on the shoulder of meaningful customer engagement, we are simply using an industry buzz word to sell a service.

To us, customer retention means constant innovation and realignment of our product offering and delivery. We got this far with the help of our clients. They shared their needs with us and we listened. Our D3 strategy of Design > Develop > Deploy is our practice of bridging any gaps in our clients unmet needs for customer retention.    Learn more

Program Type Distribution

Pre-Paid Maintenance
Subscription Maintenance
Complimentary / Lifetime Maintenance
Service Drive

Ecosystem Services

Services included with all program tracks

Custom App

The MyPCP Autocare app gives the dealership a powerful way to communicate and retain their customers. The app is a conduit of all the managed services and can also be completely branded for the dealership.


We enable customers and dealerships alike by providing more active engagement through video reports and targeted feedback to key individuals.

XP Rewards

Rewards are an integral part of a positive feedback loop that aid in your retention goals. But rewards should be more than just a value a customer gets for spending money. It should be at a more visceral tool that elicits customer engagement through interaction.

Engagement Services

Customer Engagement Services does everything under the sun for our dealerships to support and habituate customers to the maintenance program they are on. More importantly their level of service and dedication to customers ensures customer satisfaction during their ownership cycle.


Data visualization is paramount for quick and effective situational awareness. You can synthesize information better if its laid out visually mitigating the need to constantly download excel sheets and calling to acquire sold, service and other pertinent data about your program.

Coupons and Specials

Through the customer app, we can expose all your on-boarded customers to any specials or coupons that are available through the site.


We offer a dedicated Customer Chat, Push notifications, Email Marketing, Geo-Fencing, Coupon Specials and more. We also help the dealership keep their Preferred Customers feeling like they have been reached out to with great value in a meaningful manner without causing message fatigue.


One of the more powerful reasons to have customers in the dealership ecosystem using your custom app is Geo-Fending. It allows real time targeted messaging to your customers that are in proximity about special offers and new sales opportunities.

App Marketplace

If our teleological purpose is dealership profitability, and you have a captive audience, why not bring your dealership accessory offerings to them after they have left the store. Customers will purchase more online at their leisure now than ever before. Why not give them the opportunity to do that with ease and boost your opportunities to increase your sales.

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