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  • We have a six figure balance in prepaid service waiting to be harvested.

    Rick LeMaitre (GM) - Chris Myers Automall
  • Finally a prepaid maintenance plan that the service department embraces.

    Taylor Hood (GM) - Preston Hood Chevrolet
  • We’re averaging over 300 visits a month from customers redeeming their vouchers at full retail.

    Vicki Harris - Chris Myers (Fixed Ops)
  • A turn key program, user friendly, easy implement, that works.

    John Fabre - Infiniti of Baton Rouge
  • One of the best customer retention tools that we have!

    Bobby White - Woddy Anderson Ford
  • A great tool for increasing customer retention and giving service an opportunity to keep customers coming back for both sales and service!

    - Bob Cruthirds (GSM) Crown Pontiac-Nissan

For the dealer

We understand the importance of staying liquid. Our program is dealer controlled where the dealer holds all the funds and controls the revenue generated from contract sales.

For the customer

A program that keeps customers coming back to the dealership is a program customers see value in. Each plan is tailor made to the customers specific needs.

For F&I

No program will sell if there is no incentive built into it for the selling F&I. The program is an easy sell in F&I as the services are all basic services that the customers need.

For Service

Without service buying into this program, it won't be a success. We are not selling a discount program, but a program that keeps your customer tied to your shop while paying retail rates for Oil Changes and Tire rotations.

Reach out and touch someone!

All customers have access to the free MyPCP app. Helps customers keep track of all their services and gives dealership the ability to send quick specials on the fly right to the customers phone! They can also share specials on Facebook with friends driving traffic to the dealer they never had!


How do I start?

We have been doing this for a while and understand launching a new program is always an involved process, however we make it painless and almost effortless. We figure out whats the best way for us to implement the program for your store and streamline our processes to accomodate the setup in every way.

  • We create the Point of Sale material for the dealer!
  • Set up accounting for sales and service
  • Setup each plan for the dealership
  • Provide contracts and cancellation forms
  • Send customers embedded cards with welcome letter.
  • And are online to answer any questions with live chat!


Is there a setup cost?
There is no setup cost to the program. Once the dealership signs up, the setup process is carried out as part of the launch with no cost to the dealership.
When do we get trained?
Training is provided as soon as the dealership is signed on to the program. We work with the dealerhip to find the best possible time and venue to get maximum impact from the training session.
Is there training after the launch?
Our customer relations department holds bimonthly training sessions on a variety of subjects pertaining to the program. The idea is to make sure new employees or those who have not used the program before are brought upto speed with the program and its benefits. We constantly remind the dealership personnel when there are updates made to the program and how those will enhance the service we provide.
Does additional training cost money?
We want to make sure that you are using the program optimally. If that means we have to train you multiple times we will. We do not put a price on training as it is critical to making the program successful with the amount of turnover in dealerships.
What does the program cost?
We charge a flat $65 administrative fee for contracts sold. The amdin fee covers the contract for the life of the contracts till it expires. In that time we send constant reminders, web portals and mobile apps to keep the customer informed about the selling dealerships specials and promos as well as new offers on a monthly basis or as often as the dealerships wishes us to.

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